Head Librarian, Bryan College Los Angeles


•Curate and develop online resources in order to best serve online and on-site student populations

•Work with Sacramento campus Head Librarian and vendors of online resources to maximize ease-of-use of online library for students and instructors

•Supervise and manage two on-site computer lab/library monitors


Special Collections Cataloger, Mandeville Library, UCSD


•Cataloged rare pamphlets, manuscripts, art books and other materials from a number of languages according to DCRM(B) and AACR2 rare book rules

•Archived small collections using Archivists’ Toolkit

•Worked extensively with Millennium, WorldCat, Cataloger’s Desktop

•Divided hours between cataloging work and reference desk


Joyce Strauss Private Pre-Columbian Collection, Freelance Cataloger


•Worked with Dr. Strauss to establish a custom cataloging standard best suited for her needs, incorporating AACR2, DCRM(B) and MARC standards into a FileMaker Pro template

•Cataloged works in English, French, Spanish and German


Frederick A. Frye Private Medical Collection, Freelance Special Cataloger/Librarian


•Cataloged and organized collection of over 350 rare medical publications in five different languages from the early 16th to the early 19th centuries

•Worked with Dr. Frye to establish a custom cataloging standard best suited for his needs, incorporating AACR2, DCRM(B), MARC and Dublin Core

•Published thirty-seven page catalog and guide to Mr. Frye’s collection


Graduate Student Researcher, Jonathan Furner, UCLA


•Primary Investigator in research study of the social-tagging behaviors of children aged 8-10 years old

•Coordinated schedules of eight elementary school teachers, three LACMA staff members, and Dr. Furner to allow for over 120 young students to travel to LACMA and receive in-class instruction from LACMA educators

•After literature review, developed bi-variate research model to effectively carry-out study

•Worked extensively with Dr. Furner, IRB and UES to gain IRB and elementary school approval for the study


Cataloging Intern, Mr. and Mrs. Allan C. Balch Art Research Library, LACMA


•Created original records and copy-cataloged new art monographs and serials according to AACR2 standards in MARC format

•Cataloged collection of rare Russian and German language Art texts from 1920s and 1930s

•Learned to orient subject-cataloging specifically toward the needs of the art researcher


Field Researcher, steve.museum Project, LACMA and UCLA


•Worked under Diana Folsom and Jonathan Furner to study how the Steve social-tagging project might help catalog a large museum collection and increase community interest in the museum’s collections online

•Helped create and interpret large datasets in Excel

•Interacted with and studied AAT and CCO term taxonomies for artworks and artifacts in the LACMA collection


Clerk and Art Book Section Curator, Skylight Books, Los Angeles


•Helped curate and develop a section of art books at the store’s new arts architecture section

•Assisted a knowledgeable clientele with both basic and complex arts and architecture reference queries

•Engaged in various forms of community outreach to help the store better serve the Los Feliz area


Archivist, Kim Light/LightBox


•Worked extensively with ArtBase, a modification of File Maker Pro

•Created and modified records for artworks, depending on their status within the gallery

•Coordinated with artists and collectors concerning pickup and delivery of artworks

•Maintained communication with artists and collectors


Master of Ceremonies, The Blood Arm


•Created, wrote, and maintained band blog with blogger and wordpress software

•Introduced band with creative 5-10 minute sermons across the US and Europe in the native tongue of whatever country we happened to be in

•Supervised and accounted for t-shirt sales with Excel spreadsheets, and coordinated ordering and pickup of new materials when supplies were depleted

•Wrote columns for the Guardian (UK), NME, and other publications about my position in the band


Teacher, UCI Extension South Korea

06/05-09/05 and 06/04-09/04

•Created viable curriculum to teach 10-12 year olds English in their native country

•Designed course to specifications of both UCI Extension and South Korean superiors

•Communicated and corroborated with Korean-speaking superiors

•Adapted teaching style to meld with a non-western culture

•Maintained positive relationships with co-workers in extremely close living quarters


Communications Intern, Hammer Museum


•Greatly expanded “past exhibitions” section of museum’s website to include digital images and text from early art shows

•Assisted in the drafting and copy-editing of member newsletters


Columnist, Daily Bruin, UCLA


•Wrote popular weekly column for school paper promoting alternative lifestyles


Music Director, UCLAradio.com, UCLA


•Hired DJs based on audition tapes

•Created format for music shows based on hundreds of weekly submissions

•Tallied and submitted weekly playlists to CMJ, a national music publication, via Excel spreadsheets